Conflict without victory and defeat

In mediation I accompany conflicted parties as an independent third party in the settlement of divergences. At any time of the process the parties to the conflict are responsible for their own actions and work out solutions with my assistance.

Outside the bubble

The crucial aspect of external supervision is the expertise of not knowing, the intuitive curiosity, the "outside the bubble" perspective.

Supervision helps to solve conflicts, develop solution competencies and reduce stress. It contributes to self-reflection and self-help, improves communication and cooperation and promotes the ability to deal with conflict and reach consensus.

I am offering the following forms of supervision:

  • Individual Supervision/ Coaching/ Mentoring
  • Case Supervision
  • Team Supervision
  • Process Supervision/ Process Support
Online sessions available
Let’s stay physically distant and become socially close. Contact me for an online session from wherever you are.
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