Dating is nothing but communication.

Dating can be a tedious and lengthy process, full of hope, expectation and disappointment. Online dating, Tinder and Co. have made it even more arbitrary and confusing.
In order to make the next dates at least pleasant and harmonious, I support women and men to be clear with themselves and enable them to hit the right notes and communicate clearly and openly.

The world needs new men!

Today more than ever, there is a lack of real men. The social patterns are no longer sufficient to explain what a man is today. Male clichés, stereotypes and traditional roles no longer apply. Also expectations in partnerships are often contradictory.
The goal of my work is to deal with you as a man in an open and courageous way, without the pretense of potency or length comparison.

Be a man your very own way.

Being a woman. From the eyes of a man

I have no idea what it means to be a woman.
But I have a clear perception, many years of experience and can describe what I see and feel.
I observe that many women make themselves small, adapt and fit in, do not tease, do not live their anger and aggression and in many relationships are always first with the other person. Instead of being first with themselves.
The goal of my mentoring is to mirror you, to let you discover your self, to find out together where your strengths lie and whatempowers you. It is about naming your resources and finally enabling you to live your identity independently from external influences.
I would like to support you to shape your appearance and your inner attitude freely and autonomously so that pride, dignity and self-worth have their due space.

The learning relationship

Being able to show yourself completely, being able to be yourself with confidence, clear and sincere communication without fear of rejection: these are some of the existential pillars of a good relationship.
Only in a relationship do we learn relationship; and can develop ourselves by letting the other person be our mirror.
I support couples in their development and in the unfolding of both personalities. I help to balance , to overcome crises and misunderstandings, without the blame game.


Nothing has a stronger influence on children than the unlived life of their parents.
Carl Gustav Jung

As a young father I know how great the love for children can be. But I also live the not so nice feelings, notice my insecurities, my fears and my helplessness - as a father, as a parent and as a partner.
I support people in their search for the right way to be parents, but also as partners and individuals. I help to make the roles distinguishable and to find ways to live the different requirements well.

You cannot be careful enough when choosing your parents.
Paul Watzlawick

Online sessions available
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The time for change is always today.
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