About Me

The basis of a good life is the development of your own personality. This process has positive effects on relationships, work, family, friendship and health.

My approach consists in a combination of systemic therapy, coaching, mentoring and social therapy. As a systemic counselor and coach I work with my clients on an individual level, as a sociologist I include the effects of society’s influence on individual values and beliefs.

In order to change and evolve we have to gain consciousness of whether our beliefs, values and behaviors are consciously developed attributes define us, or if we have indiscriminately accepted society’s matrix.

The basic questions are:

How do we become the person we are supposed to be? How do we lead a fulfilling life? What does that mean exactly and how do we get there?

I work with clients on:

  • Elevating their self esteem, pride and dignity
  • Heightening self-awareness
  • Accepting themselves as they are
  • Expressing what they want and don’t want
  • Learning to communicate openly and clearly 
  • Eliminating negative patterns
  • Overcoming fears and blockades

Ultimately the aim of my working with clients is enabling them to be strong, independent, autonomous, socially compatible and self-reliant personalities who are self conscious, dispose of good communicational skills and become stress resistant and resilient.

I truly believe that all of us can change for the better and reach our own goals and live a satisfying life.

Online sessions available
Let’s stay physically distant and become socially close. Contact me for an online session from wherever you are.
The time for change is always today.
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